Frequent Asked Questions
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How do you guarantee the integrity of your valves?
By 100% testing at 1.5 time the maximum operating pressure (MOP) e.g. 7,5 bar for a 5 bar MOP valve
Are medium pressure copper riser brazed or welded?
Only high silver content brazing is suitable for medium pressure applications – Refer to factory for further details For former versions, the advocated tightening torque is 30 Nm.
Why include locking devices and test points in every valve?
Increasing national standards insist that installations may be condemned (locked) instantly if any down stream anomaly is found. A return trip to the office to pick up an appropriate lock can cost many time the cost of a complete valve. Test points allow checks on site, without gas escapes, of distribution pressures, gas conditions and safety devices such as EFV’s. In all cases we can adapt to the customer's requirements that mean that we can deliver ball valves without test point and locking device.
Is your production limited to catalogue products?
No, bespoke products are part of our culture at Chuchu Decayeux. Please contact us with your requirements on +33 322 207 530