Empty S300 cabinets  • Empty cabinets - bases - posts



Possible applications

 External dimensions
in mm
Width x Height x Depth

Ref. Chuchu

      CABINET S300 
    full door

Shut-off and regulation until 120 m3/h   maximu in battery.
Shut-off, regulation and metering
unitl 10 and 16 m3/h.
 Shut-off, double regulation and double metering until 6 m3/h.
PE / COPPER or STEEL inlet.

W 532 x H 522 x D 206


    CABINET S300 VG      door with window

 Shut-off and regulation until 120 m3/h maximum in battery.
      Shut-off, regulation and metering 
10 and 16 m3/h.
 Only with an emergency shut-off valve.

W 532 x H 522 x D 206


Bracket S300

Supplied with feet and bridles 
allowing the adjustment of the height.

W 532 x H 619 x D 206